How to Review Your Proofs

Watch this quick video (43 seconds) to see how to add comments to your proofs online.

An example proof link can be accessed here.

Best Practices

These proofing best practices make the process quicker, more efficient, and help avoid mistakes:

  1. Use the online proofing software.
    It's the most efficient, most clear, and quickest way to communicate edits to our team and will often allow us to deliver your revisions sooner than email instructions or PDF comments.

  2. Use action verbs.
    Example: "Remove plant from counter."

  3. Keep it concise.

  4. Give direct instructions, don't ask questions.
    Our team usually won't make edits if they are in the form of a question.

  5. Say what it should be, not what it isn’t.
    Example: “Put this chair here.” Not “This chair doesn’t look good here.”

  6. Attach reference pictures and screenshots in our proofing software.

  7. Do all your edits at once, instead of small edits periodically.

Once finished marking edits select one of the two options below:

  • Orange “Request Changes” means the design team will make the marked edits and you will receive updated proofs.
  • Green “Approve” means no edits are needed.  Once approved your final files will be produced.

Either way, we will be notified automatically via email. 

After selecting one of the buttons, please avoid making additional edits so we do not miss them. Edits submitted after approval may be subject to additional costs.