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How to Add Your 3D Walking Tours to Zillow

You probably know how to display your 3D Walking Tour on your website, but you may be wondering: How do I add it to Zillow?

The easy steps below will show you how.


1. Login to Zillow

2. Go to your listings page 

3. Click "Edit listing" as seen below

4. At the bottom of the photos section,  find the "Virtual tour URL" field as seen below

5. Paste the 3D Walking Tour link into the "Virtual tour URL" field

You can either paste the general link to the 3D Walking Tour or a link to a specific floor plan.

General link: copy and paste the link we sent to you. This automatically displays the first floor plan on the menu.
Example URL:

Specific floor plan link: Go to the general link, select the specific floor plan using the menu, and copy and paste that link.
Example URL: 

6. At the bottom of the page, click blue "Update" button 


Have any questions? Reach out to your 3DPlans Project Manager.