How to Place an Order

In this article, you’ll learn how to create your first order. This is the process for placing an order:

  • Login and view the Dashboard.

  • Begin a new project.

  • Enter project information.

  • View pricing and options.

  • Place your order.

After placing an order, you’ll go on to do the following:

  • Supply your design files online so that our team can proceed to design your project.

  • Work with your Project Manager through email (and phone if necessary).

  • Pay the invoice 45 days after starting the project.

Continue reading below to learn the details about how to place an order.

Login and view the dashboard

Look for the 3DPlans registration message in your inbox. Take note of your username, which is your email address. Then, click the Log In button.

Login here with your username and password. After logging in, you’ll see the Dashboard.

For future reference, it’s important that you know all the things you can do in the platform:

  • Begin a new project.

  • View individual product pricing and place orders

  • Upload floor plans and reference files for the design team

  • Review the status of each project, due dates and next steps

  • Review and mark up your proofs

  • Download web and print files for completed projects

Begin a new project

Start by clicking the New Project button in the upper-right corner.

Follow these simple steps to create a project: 

Step 1 — Enter property information, and remember to click the Save button.

Begin typing the property name. Any previous matching properties will appear in a popup list. If applicable, choose a property from that list. 

If there is no previous property, continue entering the full property name.

Step 2 — If available, check one or more boxes to add a colleague to your team.

Optionally, enter an email address of another team member that you want to add to this project and click Save to commit your changes and continue.

NOTE: If you need to go back to the previous step, click the Change button. Do not click the Back button, since your project information will be lost.

NOTE: You do not need to add yourself as a contact   You will be added automatically since you are placing the order.

Step 3 — Choose a project manager, and then click Save.

NOTE: If you're new to—or you don't have a regular project manager—simply select Any Project Manager and we’ll assign one to you.

Step 4 — Now that you’ve entered information for both your property and team, and you’ve chosen a project manager, you’re ready to choose your product(s). Click the Next Step button.

Step 5 — Check the boxes for one or more products that you want to purchase, then click the Next Step button.

Preview: Click the small eye icon to learn more about the product. It’s important to be clear about the product that you are ordering.

TIP: If you need to go back to a previous step, click the Project Info or Products link at the top.

Step 6 — Choose your product quantities and options.

Use the small buttons and checkboxes to add the options to your project, such as additional floors or perimeter dimensions. Optionally, you can add a Message. Review all of the information to ensure everything you want is in the order, and then click the Next Step button.

NOTE: Do not add design information in the Message area. Once you place the order, you will be able to provide design information and notes. 

A note about scheduling 

After you submit your order, supply design information, and performs a preliminary review of the information, these events will take place:

- You’ll know the precise delivery date for the first proofs
- Updates to your proofs will be ready in 1-2 business days.
- Final web and print files ready will be ready within 1 business day after approval.

IMPORTANT: This applies to all products except for 16+ floor plan orders or 3D Walking Tours.

Step 7 — Choose the method for payment.

Step 8 — Enter contact information for the payment method.

Optionally, enter a Purchase Order (PO) number. Check the box indicating agreement to the terms and conditions. Finally, click the Place Order button.

Soon, you’ll get a confirmation email message in your inbox.

Step 10 – Add Design Information

If you’re ready, you can begin adding your design information now. Click the Add Design Info button, and then follow the instructions given in the Submit Design Information for Your Project article.

Your project will now appear in your Dashboard.

Submit your information soon! Remember that the Design Team will only be able to schedule and start on your project after you send the design information for each product in your order. Learn more in Submit Design Information for Your Project.