How to Create a Quote

Before starting a project, you can create a quote to experiment with and evaluate pricing for a set of products and services. Any quote can be updated later by any authorized user. Once approval is given for a quote, you can easily begin a project from that quote.

Login to our online management platform to begin the process.

Step 1 — Navigate to the Quotes page

Click the Quotes tab at the very top of the page.

There may be some quotes already on the page. Enter a word or phrase in the search field to filter the list so that it contains only matching quotes. For example, you can enter the property name.

The list contains the following:

  • Quote Date - date the quote was submitted
  • Property Name - name of the property for this quote
  • Placed by - the person who created the quote
  • Quote - the quote number
  • Expires - the quote will no longer appear after this date

Access to Quotes

The quotes in the list are visible to all authorized users at the management-company level. For example, a regional manager might receive quotes from property managers and then direct the managers to start a project from a quote. See Start a Project from a Quote section below in this article.

Step 2 — Create a new quote

Creating a quote is similar to creating an order, but simpler. Click the New Quote button in the upper-right corner of the page.

On the Choose a Property page, enter or choose a Property Name, complete the other information on the form, and then click Save

If you are generating a quote for a property already within our system, choose either New Product or Update Product to go to the Services page. If you are unsure which to choose, read the description for each option.

On the Select Products page, check boxes to select the products to include in your quote. Like the New Project order process, you can learn more about a product by clicking the small eye icon.

Next, adjust the quantities and options, and then click the Download Quote button to download the quote PDF. The PDF will download within a few seconds to your download folder.

Step 3 — Download the quote from the Quotes page

Back on the Quotes page, click the small down-arrow button to download the PDF and review the details for the quote.  

To view the PDF: Click the file name at the bottom of your browser, or look for it in your Downloads folder.

Step 4 — Edit a quote

Click the EDIT link for the quote you want to edit.

NOTE: Unlike the ordering process, nothing can be changed in the Choose a Property step. The fields are locked. It is necessary to create a new quote if you find any errors here.

From the Choose a Property step, click Save to continue. If you are editing a quote for a property already within our system, choose either New Product or Update Product to go to the Services page.

On the Select Products step, you can add products or delete products. 

Click Next Step to move to the Services step, in which you can make changes to quantities and options.

Click Update Quote to process the update and download the quote PDF.

Step 5 — Start a project from a quote

Click Start Project in the Quotes list.

All of the information from the quote will be prefilled in the fields of the New Project order process. To submit your order, follow the steps in the How to Place an Order article.

A few important notes:

  • Since this is a new project, it's possible to edit the information in the Choose a Property step.  
  • Once you arrive to the Select Products step, you can still add products or delete products.
  • On the Select Services step, you can make changes to quantities and options.

Once you place the order, the listing in the Quotes page will now indicate that the project has been started. The name of the team member who started it will be shown too.