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Quick Start - Using the Dashboard

The dashboard is the central hub for the Online Management Platform. From here, you can quickly navigate to all of the major features within it.

From anywhere in the application, click the logo in the upper-left corner to view the dashboard. The default view displays a list of the active projects.

Project Lists

There are several different tabs, each of which corresponds to a project filter:

  • Active — projects that are in-progress (not yet complete).

  • Completed — projects for which the final files have been delivered.

  • Favorites  — a list of projects you have marked as favorite.

  • All Projects — a list of all active and complete projects.

Mark a project as a favorite

To mark a project as a favorite, simply click the star next to the name.

Click the Favorites tab to see your favorite projects.

Search for a project

As your project portfolio grows, it may be easier to use the search feature to quickly locate a specific project. The search feature applies to whichever tab has been chosen. For example, if you click the Active tab and enter the term “sapphire”, the list will filter to display only those projects that contain “sapphire” in the name.

To search all projects, click the All Projects tab and then enter your search terms.

Project details

If multiple projects are under a single property, click on the property name or arrow to expand the list and view the projects' details. 

If there is a single project under a property, no dropdown will be present. Simply click on the icon or product name (e.g. 3D Floor Plans, 3D Walking Tour, etc).

Click on one of the left-side buttons to see details for a specific project, such as a 3D Walking Tour project. 

Notice the project tabs near the top of the page, one for each separate product.

In the Project Details panel, you can click the View Proof link to see the proof (if available). To view the sales order or invoice, click the View PDF link.

Click the Members link to view your team members included on the project. In the popup window, you can add members to the project team and click the Save button.

New project team members: When you add a member to your project, that person receives an email message providing a login link. Project team members have the ability to:

  • Review the project status and due date

  • Upload reference files and details for the design team

  • Review and add markup to proofs

  • View all projects associated with your company (admin access) or just projects where they have been invited (standard access)

  • Place orders for new projects from

Design Info tab

Click the Design Info tab—or click the Add Design Info button—to change how you will provide design pictures and files. 

Optionally, you can also add Design Notes to the project.

For more information, see Submit Design Information for Your Project.

Project History tab

This tab shows a list of key events for this project.

Return to the dashboard

From details page, click the Dashboard button to return to the dashboard.

Download button for Completed projects

To download all of the final files for a product, click the Download button.

On the Downloads page, check the box for each of the folders that you want to download. Or, click the topmost checkbox to select all folders. Then, click the Download Selected button to download the ZIP file. Unzip this file into a folder on your computer. 

Alternatively, copy the download link and send it to your web team or professional printer.


At the very top of the page, click the Quotes tab to view a list of all of your quotes.

For any quote, you can: 

  • Click the EDIT link to access and make changes to a quote.

  • Click the small down-arrow button to download the quote PDF.

  • Click the Start Project button to begin a new project based on this quote.

For more information, see How to Create a Quote.

Project Message Menu

At the top of the page, click the small lightning icon to display a drop-down list of action steps you need to take to move your projects to completion.

New Project button

At the upper-right corner of the page, click the New Project button to create a new project.

For more information, see How to Place an Order.

User Account Menu

Near the upper-right corner of the page, click the person icon to display a drop-down menu containing these items:

  • My Account

  • My Invoices

  • Log Out

My Account

Click My Account to view and edit the details of your user account. If necessary, make changes to any of the information and then click the Save button to commit your changes.

My Invoices

Click My Invoices to view a list of all your invoices.

Log out of

In the User Account menu, click Logout to exit and go to the login page.