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Panoramic Images for 3D Walking Tours & Interior Renderings

If you order a 3D Walking Tour or Interior Rendering, the standard view through any window is a plain white. You may want to show a realistic or actual view out each window. offers an option to add exterior images that present a realistic view through the windows. See examples of these panoramic images here and here.

To add an exterior view to the 3D Walking Tours or Interior Renderings, you’ll need to submit images that meet these requirements:

  • A high-resolution panoramic image that is at least 4,000 pixels wide. Here’s an example.

  • The view in the image should look away from the unit, if possible.

  • The image should not include elements in the unit, such as windows, patios, or railings.

  • For any image that you want to use in a large window or outside a single wall that contains many windows, the view in the image must cover at least 180 degrees (see below for an example).

  • If you cannot provide a panoramic image, submit multiple high-quality photos that have been taken at the same camera location. Take each picture so that it overlaps with the adjacent picture. Keep the camera settings the same for all photos.

Here’s an example of a 180° panoramic image:

The quality, look, and how well the exterior view blends into the tour depends primarily on the quality of the photo. If you are unable to provide a high-quality image, is happy to create an exterior view. However, we cannot guarantee the look of it.

Consider the following:

  • If the images are lower in quality or resolution, they will not integrate well with the 3D Walking Tour or Interior Rendering. 

  • Another option is for to add stock images for the outside view. Such stock images would include a blue sky and landscape features such as trees. 

  • Most clients do not add exterior images and simply leave the outside view as plain white.