Interactive Site Map

The Interactive Site Map is an online application displayed on your website or touchscreen to help you show and lease units faster and easier than ever:

  • Allow prospects to view unit availability and locations, amenities, photos, virtual tours, pricing, and more in the leasing office or online.
  • Compatible across all touchscreen devices, from smart phones and tablets to desktops and oversized touchscreens.
  • Integrate into websites and on-site web enabled touchscreen displays. Operates in the browser and requires no separate download.

Site Maps are not included with the Interactive Site Map application. You can supply the property's existing site map or a new Site Map can be ordered separately for an additional cost.

Design Process

1. Send Design Info: Send the items in the Design Info Requirements listed below to allow the design team to start your project.

2. Design: Your project is scheduled, designed and ready for review within 2-3 weeks.

3. Review Proofs: You receive a link to review your application. Send revisions via email.

4. Updates: Revisions completed within 2-3 business days. Review and provide additional feedback.

5. Add to Property Website: Display the Interactive Site Map on the property website or web-enabled touchscreen kiosk. Instructions to embed or display on your website can be found here.

Design Info Requirements

1. Property Information

  • Property name, address, leasing office phone and email
  • Link to property website page with unit availability and pricing

2. Content

  • Existing property map (or order a new Site Map)
  • 3D/2D Floor plan images, names, square feet
  • Pictures of apartment units, amenities, and property exterior
  • Property logo
  • Optional: virtual tours of units & amenities

3. Unit Details

  • Unit number with floor plan type, floor/level and building number
  • Optional: Unit description

Download the design info requirements in PDF format here.

Important Details & Additional Costs

The Interactive Site Map is a subscription based hosted application. Fees are paid upfront for 12 months and then paid annually based on the original subscription date. There is an application setup fee. The application can be canceled at any time after the first year.

A Site Map is not included in the purchase of the Interactive Site Map. If an existing property map is not available, a new Site Map can be purchased. 

All applications are hosted by 3DPlans. Self-hosting is not available.