2D Furniture Decorator

The 2D Furniture Decorator is an online application designed to allow prospects to stage your property's floor plans:

  • Increase engagement by allowing prospects to stage your floor plans and share them with family and friends.
  • Both desktop and touchscreen compatible including tablets, smart phones, iPhones and modern mobile devices.
  • Integrate into websites and on-site web enabled touch screen applications. Operates in the browser and requires no separate download.

2D Floor Plans are not included with the 2D Furniture Decorator. You can supply the property's existing 2D floor plans or new Economy or Standard 2D Floor Plans can be ordered separately for an additional cost.

Design Process

1. Send Design Info: Send the items in the Design Info Requirements listed below to allow the design team to start your project.

2. Design: Your project is scheduled, designed and ready for review within 4-5 days.

3. Review Proofs: You receive a link to provide online feedback. View proofing instructions here.

4. Updates: Receive a new proof within 2-3 business days. Review and provide additional feedback. 4 rounds of revisions are included.

5. Add Tour Link to Property Website: Display the 2D Furniture Decorator on the property website or web-enabled touch screen kiosk. Instructions to embed or display can be found here.

Design Info Requirements

1. Floor Plans & Property Website

The existing property floor plans are needed to add to the application. Higher resolution files are preferred in order to display the floor plans clearly. Further, floor plans without furniture are naturally required. Supplying the property website will allow additional details to be added to the application such as the unit square footage.

2. Optional: Order New 2D Floor Plans

New 2D Floor Plans can be ordered for an additional cost.

Download the design info requirements in PDF format here.

Important Details & Additional Costs

The 2D Furniture Decorator is a subscription based hosted application. Fees are paid upfront for 12 months and then paid annually based on the original subscription date. Application setup is free for the first 20 plans. Fees apply for each additional plan. The application can be canceled at any time after the first year.