Amenity 3D Walking Tours

Amenity 3D Walking Tours are virtual tours built in 3D to match your on-site amenities:

  • Showcase your amenities before construction is finished or when online prospects can't visit.
  • Navigate through your amenity and view panoramas of each room with click or touch.
  • Both desktop and mobile compatible including tablets, smart phones, iPhones and modern mobile devices.
  • Integrate into websites and on-site web enabled touchscreen applications.
  • Hosting for no additional cost. Operates in the browser and requires no separate download.

Unlike 3D Walking Tours of units, a separate purchase of an Amenity 3D Floor Plan is NOT required. The Amenity 3D Floor Plan is included in the cost.

Design Process
  1. Send Design Info: Send the items listed in the Design Info Requirements section below to allow the design team to start your project.
  2. Design: Your project is scheduled, designed and ready for review within 3-4 weeks.
  3. Review Proofs: You receive a link to provide online feedback. View proofing instructions here.
  4. Updates: Receive a new proof within 3-4 business days. Review and provide additional feedback. 4 rounds of revisions are included.
  5. Add Tour Link to Property Website: Display your Amenity 3D Walking Tour on your website or web-enabled touchscreen kiosk. Instructions to embed or display can be found here.
Design Info Requirements

1. Full Set of Architectural Drawings

A full set of architectural drawings typically includes all the items listed below. If a full set is not available, please send each of these items individually:

  • Floor Plan
  • Furniture Placement Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Interior Elevations & Sections
  • Exterior Elevations (for window design)
  • Material Location Drawings
  • Site Plan

2. Interior Finishes

The interior finishes are matched to the on-site amenity. A list of materials should include:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets, counters, backsplash, appliances
  • Cabinet layouts
  • Wall paints and coverings
  • Trim
  • Windows
  • Patios/balconies
  • Light fixtures
  • Additional interior details

This info can come from material sample boards, references to the supplier websites, or a list of finishes in a spreadsheet or document.

3. Furniture

Custom 3D furniture pieces are designed and integrated into your 3D Walking Tours at no additional cost using the supplied references.

Building furniture in 3D is similar to building it in real life. For each piece, please provide 1) high quality photos from multiple angles, 2) dimensions, and 3) if possible, a link to the furniture piece on the supplier’s website.

4. Existing Renderings (optional)

If available, provide existing renderings to assist in ensuring design accuracy. 

Download the design info requirements in PDF format here.

Important Details & Additional Costs
  • Each project is custom quoted. Contact us for a quote. After filling out the form, you'll receive a confirmation email. To speed up the process, respond to that email with the amenity floor plan.
  • Amenity 3D Walking Tours do NOT require the purchase of an Amenity 3D Floor Plan. It is included in the cost. 
    • Once the 3D Walking Tour project is approved, you'll receive final files of your Amenity 3D Floor Plan. They will include a ready to use JPG file for web marketing and a 4,000+ pixel PDF file with a transparent background for print marketing.
  • Custom Furniture is included at no additional cost.
  • Interior lighting fixtures included. Appliances, plumbing fixtures and sinks will be representative.
  • 4 rounds of revisions and a final version included. Additional rounds can be purchased for an additional cost.
  • Changes after final approval are an additional cost.
  • The interiors of bathrooms, elevators and mechanical rooms will not be included in the design.
    • If there is any lack of clarification regarding the rooms to be designed, either list each room specifically or include a floor plan with the rooms outlined.
  • Exterior areas (e.g. patio, basic pool) can be designed and staged with furniture up to a point. 3D modeling of exterior buildings (e.g. siding, brick, stone) or landscaping is not included.
  • Typically, the view outside the windows is a gray background. Stock image exterior views (e.g. trees) can be added outside the windows. Views of surrounding property and/or 3D modeling of exterior buildings and landscaping are not included. However, if you can provide panoramic images of the views, they can be added.
  • Final tours are hosted for no cost and a link provided for displaying the tours online.
Product Examples

View examples online:

Amenity 3D Walking Tours