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How to Draw New Floor Plans On-Site

The 3D and 2D Floor Plan products require existing floor plans to be supplied as the primary reference for the design team. If a floor plan does not exist, you can easily sketch the layout using the instructions below.

How to Draw It Yourself

If you don't have time, delegate the drawing to someone on your team, perhaps a maintenance technician. Here are the steps:

1. Download the grid paper and print. You'll need one sheet for each floor plan, plus a few extras just in case.

2. Grab a tape measure and a sharp pencil or two. A clipboard is optional.

3. Open this article on your phone. Once you arrive at the unit, read step 4.

4. Begin measuring and sketching the floor plan.
Each square on the grid paper resembles one foot. With precision, you can create a fairly accurate replica of the floor plan. Make sure to include:

  • Walls. Draw as accurately as possible. The space between interior walls is typically 5" wide.
  • Windows
  • Door swings & door style (swing, bi-fold, side sliding)
  • Toilets, tubs & vanities
  • Cabinet, counters, breakfast bars & appliance layouts
  • Patio or balcony
  • Floor plan name. It avoids confusion if you are sketching multiple floor plans.
  • Dimensions of each wall aren't required but are very helpful to ensure your product is designed accurately.

If you're unsure how to draw the graphics to represent each item mentioned, see the handdrawn floor plan at the top of this article as a guide.

5. Once finished, send each floor plan to our team. Scanning is ideal, but a top-down photo works too. 

Home Depot Measuring Services has discontinued as of May 15, 2021. We're searching for a replacement, but as of now, we do not have one. Please follow the instructions above for sketching your own floor plans.