Building Maps

Building Maps communicate individual building level layouts and include:

  • Building level layouts with unit locations, unit numbers and amenities.
  • Pre-designed key located along the left panel with property information, unit types and amenities.
  • Unlimited rounds of revisions until approval.
  • Templated 11" x 8.5" standard paper size page layout.
  • Ready to use JPG file for web marketing and a vector PDF for print marketing. The PDF file can be enlarged to any resolution due to the unlimited scaling ability of vector files.
Design Process
  1. Send Design Info: Send the items in the Design Info Requirements listed below to allow the design team to start your project.
  2. Design: Your project is scheduled, designed and ready for review within 3-5 days.
  3. Review Proofs: You receive a link to provide online feedback. View proofing instructions here.
  4. Updates: Receive a new proof within 48 hours. Review and provide additional feedback until you approve.
  5. Download Files: Download a web-ready JPG file and a print resolution PDF file of each Building Map level. Examples can be found here.
Design Info Requirements

1. Existing Building Map(s) & Unit Numbers

  • Drawings are needed for each building level, such as existing floor plates or architectural drawings, and should include the unit numbers. 
  • If the unit are marked with multiple indications, such as A1 Unit 352, please clarify which labels should be used.

2. Amenities and Unit Colors 

  • Any amenities or other rooms which need to be highlighted should be identified. 
  • To indicate the unit type (1 bed, 2 bed, etc), colors are used, as shown above. Each unit on the supplied drawings should be marked accordingly. If specific colors are desired, please mention at the start of the project.

3. Key/Legend

  • Each Building Map includes the key along the left side panel, as shown above, with the property name, unit information, website, and address. This can be removed at the start of the project, if requested.

Download the design info requirements in PDF format here.

Important Details & Additional Costs

Important Details 

  • The details and accuracy of the new Building Map are determined by the existing reference building map(s).
  • The Ubuntu font is used for the Building Map and the Lucida Grande font is used for the key.

Additional Costs

  • If additional building map drawings or missing details are sent after the new building map is designed revisions may be an additional cost.
Product Examples

View and download examples:

Building Maps