2D Realistic Site Maps

2D Realistic Site Map is a map of a multi-family property and includes:

  • A colored site map designed from your existing map or satellite photography including roads, amenities, parking, and building locations and numbers.
  • Amenities visually highlighted such as your clubhouse, pool, dog park, tennis court, gazebo, playground, leasing office and more.
  • Attractive design details including vehicles, North compass, trees, walking paths and water features.
  • Ready to use JPG file for web marketing and a 4,000+ pixel PDF file for print marketing.
Design Process
  1. Send Design Info: Send the items in the Design Info Requirements listed below to allow the design team to start your project.
  2. Design: Your project is scheduled, designed and ready for review within 3-5 days.
  3. Review Proofs: You receive a link to provide online feedback.
  4. Updates: Receive a new proof within 48 hours. Review and provide additional feedback until you approve.
  5. Download Files: Download a web-ready JPG file and a print resolution PDF file of your 2D Realistic Site Map. Examples can be found here.
Design Info Requirements

1. Existing Site Map & Address

  • This can be an existing site map, Google Maps aerial view screenshot, civil engineering drawing or another site map reference. 
  • The property address is needed to allow additional details to be referenced on Google Maps.

2. Amenities and Map Orientation 

  • Amenities, buildings or other spaces which need to be highlighted should be identified. 
  • The map direction will affect the orientation of text and unit number should be identified if it is different than the supplied map.

3. Unit Numbers (optional)

  • If unit locations will be shown on the 2D Realistic Site Map, include them on the reference site map or another drawing.

Download the design info requirements in PDF format here.

Important Details & Additional Costs

Important Details 

  • The details and accuracy of the new site map are determined by the existing reference site map(s). Google Maps aerial views may not include enough detail for sidewalks and various other details to be designed due to obstructions such as trees, building shadows and building eaves. In those cases, these elements will not be included in the new Site Map.

Additional Costs

  • Unit numbers can be included at your request.
  • Changing the style from a 2D Realistic Site Map to 2D Basic Site Map requires redesigning the site map.
Product Examples

View and download examples: 

2D Realistic Site Maps