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Options to Draw New Floor Plans On-Site

The 3D and 2D Floor Plans products require existing floor plans to be supplied as the primary reference for the design team. If a floor plan for the property does not exist below are a couple options to have new floor plans drawn.

Draw it yourself

Use the attached grid paper to draw the walls as accurately as possible. Each square resembles one foot. With precision, you can create a fairly accurate replica of the floor plan. In addition to walls, make sure your drawing includes these items:

  • Windows
  • Door swings & door style (swing, bi-fold, side sliding)
  • Toilets, tubs & vanities
  • Cabinet, counters, breakfast bars & appliance layouts
  • Patio or balcony

Hire Home Depot Measuring Services

Home Depot Measuring Services, a division of Home Depot, can create a new 2D floor plan. A technician will visit on site in 1 to 2 weeks and will then deliver a new 2D floor plan. Using the discount code '3dplans', the cost will be $89 per plan. Orders can be placed online here:

If you choose this option, we need you to take pictures of each unit, such as when the units are being redrawn. The pictures are used to clarify extra details, such as door styles (standard, bi-fold, side sliding), flooring delineations, bar heights and various other details which are not included in the new floor plans.